In today’s economic climate, searching for a job quickly becomes a job in itself, no matter what age you are.

For those who have spent years working for the same company for the best part of twenty years, the search is only half of the battle, as preparing for an interview can become a daunting task, especially when you are put against younger counterparts.

However, with age comes experience and by employing the right interview technique, job seekers who are on the other side of 40 can use this to their advantage, so long as they prepare well for the challenge.

Here are some key tips to ensure that midlife jobseekers are going into the interview process with their best foot forward:

Practice makes perfect

Simple yet effective; when you haven’t been interviewed for many years, polishing up your technique by practicing your interview skills is one of the best ways to get back into the mindset of impressing employers.

Don’t be scared to approach younger professionals who can offer insight into today’s job market – they can go through an interview scenario with you and offer invaluable advice and feedback. Don’t forget – your interviewer will know what it takes to stand out against today’s candidates, so don’t think about how it was the last time you were interviewed, get ready to change to suit the time.

Dress to suit your age

Don’t try and dress to look as young as your competition – your age is a positive, so use your maturity to give a fantastic first impression.

Think about the work environment you are hoping to be a part of and dress to suit both the company and yourself; if the company has a trendy brand image, embrace it – just don’t go too far so that you look try hard. Fashionable yet age-appropriate and smart is a good rule of thumb.

Be enthusiastic

It’s a common misconception that younger people are more enthusiastic than older people when it comes to landing a new job; show your interviewer that you are just as eager as your competitors, and use your age to show that you have a refinement that ensures this enthusiasm is well channelled.

Brush up on your technological knowledge

The age of the millennial, those who are armed with an inbuilt technological knowledge as they have naturally developed with the digital age, tends to present problems to older job candidates as they don’t tend to possess the knowledge to match this.

Start to get to grips with social media and learn about technology that is relevant to the job that you are going for – showing a clear understanding for this when you are being interviewed won’t give the interviewer the opportunity to penalise you against younger applicants.

Don’t be scared to sell yourself

Those who are aware that their age is a benefit will understand that selling yourself is a big part of making an impression in an interview; be confident enough about your past achievements to factor them into the process and use them to impress your interviewer.

Sometimes it is very much not what you know, but who you know and discretely dropping hints of people you know who are part of the industry you are shooting for can often work in your favour.

However, be careful not to take it too far; only talk about relevant experience and don’t come across overqualified for the job you hoping to get.

Show that you are ready for a change

It is often thought that those who have worked in a different role for a number of years, especially when they are of a particular age, aren’t up to the challenge of the change.

However, demonstrate how your past experiences of jobs have mentally prepared you for all of the issues that a change could bring, and show that you are more than ready to handle them.

In the age where there can be 4 generations working in the same workplace each age group brings it’s own skills and strengths to the company.

There is a wealth of support and information to help you prepare for any job interview and if we can help in anyway we would gladly do so.

Don’t be scared to approach younger professionals who can offer insight into today’s job market.


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