The digital age is well and truly upon us, and what comes with that is a new generation of recruits, all of whom are pre-loaded with a wealth of technological knowledge that is almost inbuilt, as opposed to learnt.

The Millennials, as named by William Strauss and Neil Howe, are those born anywhere in-between 1980-1999, who know exactly how to optimise technology that is available today, which simply wasn’t around in previous years.

This knowledge that generation Y possess, simply gained from naturally evolving with the times and picking up on communications and technology that has slipped the radar of older generations, makes a millennial a powerful recruit to have; and they know it.

When employing some of the hottest young talent, there are many factors to take on board to ensure that your new digitised employee really is the missing piece of your company jigsaw.

Here are our top 7 tips to help you with your recruitment process:

1. Social Media – engage, research and monitor

One of the most powerful tools of today, social media should be the first thing on your to-do list. Firstly, a generation-Y recruit wants the company that they are working with to be social media savvy – this is more than likely how they will engage with you. Start with Facebook, Twitter and Google +, using each platform to engage with people as well as research and monitor trends.

Be personable and don’t be a suit – this makes you more desirable as a company to work for; put a face to the name and drop a dose of personality into your posts.

2. Stay up to date

Ensure that all of your social media outlets are completely up to date – by ensuring that your outlets aren’t full of old posts, you are portraying an image to others that you care and make it your business to stay in touch with what is going on.

3. Identify Millennials before they graduate

Don’t be scared to get to grips with the likes of Twitter and Facebook in order to source the bright new millennials of the future; building your bridges with them before they graduate university is a sure fire way of creating a mutual loyalty, meaning they are more likely to want to work for you when they are on the job market.

4. Sell the lifestyle

Don’t be scared to show what it is like to work in your office; giving a behind the scenes look of what goes on at your workplace is a great way to entice Millennials to want be a part of your working environment. Utilise social media to sell the lifestyle that could be had by working for your company.

Take it a step further and invite people to experience it for themselves first hand, or shoot a day in the life video to share via social media.

5. Be real

Put a face behind the posts that you send out; nobody likes to think that they are interacting with a robot, so make yourself accessible to your audience by identifying yourself as an approachable human and not just a ‘suit’.

6. Be true to your brand

Make sure that if you have created a brand that you stay true to it and live and breathe what you have developed. Companies that spend time presenting an ideological brand that people buy into, only to then fall short when the reality hits the recruit, will find one thing; the recruit will quit because you don’t meet expectation. Just be sure that your branding is realistic and be true to yourself, as well as the rest of your employees. Anything over the top will set you up for a fall before you even start.

7. Be flexible

Nobody wants to work all of the hours God sends, so one of the key things that new millennial recruits look for today is flexibility as part of their job. Living in a digital age means that commuting from home is completely doable and giving your employees this option could be the difference between you get the must-have millennial, and somebody else.

Young entries onto the job market are looking for the ideal lifestyle/work balance, so it’s important to show that you can help with this.


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