I have been really impressed by the work of Rob Symes at The Outside View.

Rob and his team are looking at new ways to measure and define success and apply it to the work place.

I know he is already having major success in doing this with Estate Agency teams where a successful agent can outsell his peers by multiple factors – and have a true impact on the bottom line of a company.

I agree with and embrace the need to be able to define who will make a successful agent in your firm.

It still begs the questions of how you are then going to find them… and remunerate them ….and keep them on board…

The simplest way would appear to be to spend time to recruit to a set formula at the bottom, train and deveop well and create a culture which people are keen to remain part of.

Quite a lot of front end investment for a medium term gain It will be interesting to see which firms bite this bullet. I predict they will out perform their competitors massively.


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