As an executive search firm we pride ourselves on finding the best person for a role whether they are actively looking or not.

LinkedIn is having a profound effect on passive candidates. It has become easier to access information about individuals and their careers and it has become easier as a job seeker to position your LinkedIn profile in order to attract approaches.

However, I gather that a number of approaches people receive these days are about non -exclusive jobs or even non-existent jobs and it must be becoming harder as a candidate to ascertain genuine as opposed to scattergun approaches.

A genuine approach should ideally mention the reason why you have been approached and be for an exclusive retained role where the consultant has the client’s ear and is able to give you full written details on position you are being considered for.

Discerning the best candidates for a role still takes research. Firstly not everyone is on LinkedIn. Also some people have vague profiles and it is our work to research thoroughly. consider all information and reference and double check peoples reputations. Once we have done this it is true that LinkedIn is often a quick and easy medium to make first contact with someone.

If you consider yourself a passive candidate who is open to exploring the right sort of opportunity be assured that simply having a LinkedIn profile will go a long way to making sure that you don’t miss out on the large number of jobs that are never advertised.


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