We find ourself busier at present than we have been since 2007 with turnover up by over 100%. Estate agents are in high demand. indicative of the renewed surge in property prices. Likewise planning and residential development roles are beginning to take off again and we find a similar market to the beginning of the recession, where good people are in short supply.

As with all senior positions we are most interested to pursue people who have established a name and track record in their niche. We are seeking high performing individuals whose contribution to the bottom line of their business is measurable and ideally transferable.

Candidates are once again moving for a premium.

Many people have soldiered on through the last few years with small or non existent payrises and I sense a momentum building for change. If you are managing a team in any of the sectors above it would be worth reviewing salary and incentive package to make sure they are not vulnerable to enticement.


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