There are definite green shoots out there at present…

Residential agents tell me they have some of the best instruction books they‘ve had for some years and Planning clients are forecasting growth. Although the commercial sector continues to lag behind others in recovery , developers are making moves and those who have sat tight in their roles for some time are beginning to put their heads above the water and consider whether now is the time to make a move.

Most of those who have kept their jobs over the last few years have seen pay cuts and pay freezes the results of which are beginning to bite. I anticipate money being a major motivator for some of the moves we will
see in the next six months.

One thing for certain is that careers in the sector are going to take a number of years to settle back down.

We’ve seen number of senior and qualified people in their late forties and fifties lose their jobs in this recession through no fault of their own and I believe they may struggle to find permanent paid employment again. Students are coming out of university, armed with degrees but poorly prepared for the more cut throat profit driven market in which we now operate. How to approach the new market and looking at alternatives to permanent employment are two key area we are targeting in the career consultancy work we do. I see this continuing forward as part of a new work pattern.

In terms of Executive Search, those who have an established contact base and strong client relationships are still sought after and we are seeing premiums being paid to move people who will bring an income stream with them. At senior levels some clients are requesting a business plan/presentation for the impact an appointment will have on the bottom line.

We sit on the edge of a precipice. More bad news from the middle east or the euro zone could tumble us one way. The uplift in sentiment crated by the Diamond jubilee and the Olympic games may carry us confidently in the other direction. Anybody willing to take bets on which way things will fall?


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